Welcome to the Printable Design for Beginners Course!

Taking that first step is always hard...you'll wonder if you have the time or the talent...wonder if all this work will be worth it...

And from my experience, I can definitely say that this step was worth it for me, and I started out unsure of myself.

Let's go back a little. I won't tell you all about my childhood, but I was told from the time I was little that I was going to be an artist.

But by the time college applications came around, I didn't even consider going into design. Because, in my mind, I didn't have what it took to be an artist.

Fast forward 6 years - I was married, laid off from my job (hello, 2008 recession!), and pregnant with my first child. Luckily, my husband had one lined up after his last semester of school.

It's interesting how your circumstances push you in certain directions, and I was being pushed to create my own business...because what company is going to hire a laid off pregnant girl who's moving in 2 months?

The answer is nobody...because goodness knows, I tried.

I taught myself Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop during those times at home when I wasn't too nauseated to sit at the computer.

Was I good when I started?

No. Not really. I had high ambitions for myself, but I never would have thought that my little $5 logo business would turn into a blog where I earn a full-time income, an opportunity to work with DREAM brands like Martha Stewart and Cricut, and a place where I could meet some incredible people who do or want to do what I do.

It hasn't been easy. I've had to make sacrifices of my time...I've had my share of rejection and those little insecurities have resurfaced...

But to those people who ever say you're not good enough? You're not creative enough?

SCREW EM. You DO you and that's exactly why I created this course.

I don't want you to have to go through YEARS of trial and error.

I want you to have the knowledge and tools to create and design YOUR way. I'm not giving you the talent...I'm just giving you the know how and I can't WAIT to see what you do with it...

Because you've already made the first step and that just proves that you're ready for this.

You've got this...

And when you feel like you don't, email me.

I mean, I have a life, children, husband, blah blah blah...but I want to hear from you, especially in those moments when you feel discouraged.

Or, you know if you want to brag and tell me all the great crap you're coming up with, I'm here for that, too!

I try to get back within 1-2 business days (M-F 9-5), and if I don't, send me a nudge! [email protected]

Now move on to the next lesson to get all the details to getting started with Adobe Illustrator!

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